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June 2011

Swarovski Watch Collection 2011

Swarovski Watch Collection 2011 Aila rose-gold
Swarovski Watch Collection 2011 Citra Sphere white
Swarovski Watch Collection 2011 Citra Square black

With prices ranging from 280 Euros to 390 Euros, these models are aimed at the new generation of Swarovski customers. Many of the women in this generation are already attached to the brand’s jewelry and fashion accessories, such as its charms, key rings and pendants.

The latest models are intended to be more accessible, allowing women to add to their jewelry and fashion collections a watch with the hallmark of this revered brand. Impeccable standards in quality are guaranteed with each Swarovski item thanks to the precision and expertise of Swiss watch making.

The entire watches collection embodies creation, innovation and perfection and will be available worldwide.


With this first model, Swarovski has strived for an ultra feminine watch with playfulness at heart. Inspired by Swarovski’s ‘Iconic Chain’, charms can be attached onto two elements on the watch case.

The “Aila” watch is refined, subtle, and has a slight retro feel to it. Measuring 31mm in diameter and with slender dimensions, this circular watch is the most delicate in the collection. The bezel has 46 transparent pavé miniature crystals, set by hand in either stainless steel or rose-gold PVD. In the centre, faceted rhodium-plated or rose-gold PVD watch hands tick over three clear crystals which form the indexes for numbers 3, 6 and 9. The watch face bears an outer opaline (or matt) circle and a central inner circle, separated by a polished bevel edge. The Swan logo, Swarovski’s emblem sits enthroned on the number 12 and on the notched crown. On the case back, the Swanflower® motif adds the perfect finishing touch to this fine timepiece, which stands out because of its Swiss manufacturing quality and the fact that it is 30 meters water resistant.

Multifaceted, just like the Swarovski female customer, this watch is an item of jewelry and not just a timepiece. By adding charms, it allows you to customize it as you wish, giving it an original and personal touch, which will additionally appeal to a younger clientele.

CITRA Sphere

Modern and elegant, the “Citra” embodies a contemporary, timeless design which will appeal to young customers who are looking for a watch they can wear every day.

Following in the tradition of other round watches such as the “Octea Lady” model, the “Citra Sphere” is a stunning fashion accessory which comes in a variety of colors ranging from white, black, fuchsia pink, mint green, to rose-gold and silver. Forty miniature pavé crystals have been hand set in each watch where they perfectly highlight the bezel. In the case of the fuchsia pink and mint green models, the bezels boast graduating crystal colors from light pink to raspberry and from sky blue to a deep turquoise respectively.

The dial is understated, with a silver colored or black sunray pattern inner circle, and a centre in fine tone-on-tone striations. It also boasts hand-applied index markers in rose-gold PVD or rhodium plating. At 12 o’clock, the Swarovski emblem sits directly above an aperture, which shows the date, positioned at 6 o’clock. The notched crown is also decorated with the Swan logo mark beneath an elegant glass cabochon. The faceted horns support a bracelet in stainless steel, or a black or white authentic calfskin leather strap with an embossed crocodile structure. There is also the option of a smooth calfskin leather strap in fuchsia pink or mint green. Swarovski’s unique motif, the Swanflower® pattern, is engraved on the back of the case, with the mark of a Swiss quality movement and 30 meters water resistance.

With its array of hand-applied pavé crystals and fashionable color scheme, the new “Citra Sphere” model is aimed at the young, dynamic woman who is looking for a feminine, timeless watch which will be her day-to-day companion.

CITRA Square

As the name suggests, the “Citra Square” displays an edgy, angular design which is perfect blend of contemporary and classic. Simple lines dominate the design from start to finish, creating a very streamlined appearance.

Two elegant, sparkling lines of 32 hand-set crystals sit in parallel on either side of the sophisticated dial. The dial is available in silver, black or prune-colored sunray pattern with an inner detailing of finely fluted lines, inspired by the “Citra Sphere”. The rhodium-plated, hand-applied index markers are punctuated by the Swan logo mark, which also decorates the glass cabochon of the notched crown.

As a day watch, the authentic calfskin leather strap comes in matching white, black and prune. For the evening, there are two options: a white strap with an embossed crocodile structure and a rose-gold PVD case, or a bracelet made entirely from rose-gold PVD. For the purists, the bracelet is also available in polished and finished stainless steel with a butterfly clasp. The ETA movement – the hallmark of Swiss craftsmanship – is hidden within the case which is engraved with the Swanflower® motif and with a notification of 30 meters water resistance.

The “Citra Square” is the ideal model for women who want an angular watch that sports a strong chic design enhanced by its superb quality, as assured by Swiss watch-making expertise.

Swarovski has yet again created a collection stamped with perfection with its new, more affordable watch line. This line strikes the perfect balance between creating new designs based on strong company values and unique Swiss watchmaking expertise. The target clientele is young women who value fashionable accessories.