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December 2010

Men's Collection for Spring / Summer 2011


Nathalie Colin, Swarovski Creative Director as of 2006, wishes to meet the ever greater demand of a consumer group that is already familiar with the company’s collections. Thanks to its various jewelry, accessory and interior decoration lines, many men are well aware of the long-established firm’s work. In response to men’s desires, countless women will also enjoy offering these pieces to loved ones. “Unlike our women’s jewelry collections, which are characterized by bright colors and bold crystals, we have focused here on a cleaner, purer interpretation of brilliance. Secretive, mysterious and metallic, this collection celebrates the timeless elegance and beauty of black tones,” explains Nathalie Colin.

Resolutely contemporary, the Swarovski man leads a multi-faceted life, much like the Swarovski woman. Marked by a clean, business-like, design-focused and elegant look, he can opt for a more liberal, rock and roll, rebellious or futuristic look in the evening and give his soul free rein for weekend adventuring. The collection is based around six main themes, and employs ceramic and faceted crystal.

Ceramic is a very strong material, particularly respected in watchmaking. Creating a ceramic jewelry collection requires great technical skill. Thanks to Swarovski’s unique faceting expertise, ceramic and faceted crystal have successfully been combined in the elegant, strong forms of the men’s collection.

Clean, minimalist, and urbane, the “Nano” line represents dependable value. Made up of  pendant, a necklace, cuff links and two bracelets, it is inspired by the symbol of the screw, rendered in brushed, polished steel and featuring black faceted ceramic tips. Sophisticated and discreet, this timeless line’s elegance resides in the detail of the facets and, mounted on a woven leather strap or a chain of square links, draws the eye to the male silhouette. A pendant in the form of a steel plaque mounted on a chain of interlaced square links completes the line.

The “Newton” man also appreciates architectural, mechanical and modern forms. Inspired by the image of the nut and bolt, this line consists of five creations. The three-dimensional, bolt-formed pendant in brushed stainless steel is studded with Jet Hematite faceted crystals, and alludes to a love of mechanical details. A second pendant, ring, rigid bracelet and key ring adopt the same element in metallic black crystal in the form of a topped pyramid to complete this ultra contemporary look.

The “Nevada” theme is inspired by a reptilian sculpture, evoking the image of an adventurous, instinctive and untamed city dweller. The ultra-fashionable chain bracelet features large steel links, and wraps around the wrist stylishly. At its summit, a crocodile head encrusted entirely with pave Jet crystals opens its powerful jaws to offer an ingenious clasp system. Brushed or polished steel is also found in the intricate links of the matching chains and bracelet, and on the same bracelet on a  leather strap. The corresponding pendant, key ring and money clip boast a metal plaque covered in the texture employed to apply the Pointiage® technique. With crocodile sculpturing and texturing, the rectangular plaque is punctuated by tone-on-tone Jet Hematite mini crystals, applied manually via Pointiage®. This technique is exclusive to Swarovski and is widely employed for women’s collections, offering great creative freedom.

The rock-influenced Nightfall” theme offers a stylish combination of leather and crystal, with a classic bad boy finish. A powerful gothic chic bracelet, this wide cuff is made entirely of black calfskin with tone-on-tone topstitching. It features a pair of prong buckles in polished black PVD steel with faceting as an homage to crystal. Facets can also be found on the forty Jet Hematite crystals that form perfect rows in the centre of the bracelet. Each crystal takes a pyramid form that is cut at the point, for an ultra masculine look. In this same spirit, “Nightfall” is reinterpreted in two other bracelets, with a simple and a double row of crystals, respectively, as well as on a matching pendant set off by a steel chain of square links. Three functional leather accessories complete this line: a wallet, card holder and business card holder in black calfskin punctuated by four Jet Hematite crystals. Each discreetly bears the Swanflower®, the emblematic motif of the brand, in a midnight blue tone-on-tone effect on the lining.

The New England” pieces pay tribute to the spirit of the campus and the graphic emblems of Anglo-Saxon sports clubs. Effortlessly combining crystal and epoxy, the line brings a touch of color to this first male collection. The pure, simple lines of the polished steel ring transform it into a contemporary signet piece that is instantly recognizable. The matching pendant, key ring, and cuff links employ polished steel once more for a masculine sense of allure. The elegant designs of this theme are produced using dark green, blue, red and black polished epoxy, bearing either a baguette-cut Jet Hematite crystal or square mini crystals faceted into the form of a pyramid.

The “Mooncarbon” line features another of the collection’s key material innovations. Made of polished steel, each creation combines anthracite carbon fiber with Jet Hematite crystal. This eye-catching pairing is at once sporty, technological and timeless. A pendant, rigid bracelet, ring and key ring are all similarly modern, elegant and completely masculine.

By stepping in to the male world, Swarovski has effortlessly entered a new era. With its perfect mastery of techniques linked to crystal and the use of avant-garde materials, there can be little doubt that this Spring/Summer 2011 collection will delight its admirers with magical crystal.