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Stay informed on the most recent Swarovski contents with our RSS feed.
If you already use an RSS reader, please click here to subscribe to the feed:

Once you have opened the RSS link in your internet browser, simply copy the URL of the RSS service you want to subscribe to and add it as a new RSS service to your RSS feed reader.

Alternatively, you can copy the link to the RSS service directly by using the “Copy URL to clipboard” function.

If you have never used an RSS reader, we have compiled some useful information for you:

About RSS feeds

an RSS feed keeps you up-to-date on all the new contents on the Swarovski Brand website and on
Whenever we publish a new content, you receive a message even if you aren’t currently on our website. In this way you no longer miss any of the contents and stay informed at all times.

If you have never used an RSS reader, we have compiled some useful information for you:

RSS readers in internet browsers

Today RSS readers are integrated into most browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (for Windows from version 7 onwards), Safari and Opera. Some browsers display an RSS feed automatically in the address bar.

If you wish to read the RSS feeds with a mail program, please consult the help function in your mail program. Many of them already integrate an RSS reader: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera.

RSS readers at portals

At a growing number of internet portals you can draw up a customized list of your RSS feeds which can be accessed at all times.

In order to do this you simply have to register at the internet portal concerned. The following is a selection of providers which we have compiled for you:
Google Newsreader

More detailed information on subscribing to an RSS feed can be obtained at these pages.

RSS readers as independent programs

There are also a large number of independent programs designed to read RSS feed:
Feedreader (for Windows, free)
NetNewsWire (for Mac OS, free)

A more comprehensive range of programs can be obtained at:
Google’s overview of RSS